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Review: ‘Arrival’ (2016)

Amy Adams - the best actress in contemporary American cinema - delivers an out-of-this-world performance in 2016's best science-fiction movie. If a … Read More

Review: ‘Westworld’ (1973)

Westworld; Director: Michael Crichton; UK Distributor: CIC. Country: USA. Due to the popularity of the contemporary Westworld TV series, I … Read More

Review: ‘Phantasm: Ravager’ (2016)

Phantasm: Ravager; Director: David Hartman; US Distributor: Well Go USA Entertainment; Country: USA. The first Phantasm film since … Read More

Review: ‘Blood Father’ (2016)

Blood Father; Director: Jean-François Richet; Distributor: SND Films; Country: France. Whether you like him or not, Mel Gibson produces a very … Read More

Review: “David Brent: Life On The Road “

David Brent is back! Bringing his cringe comedy to the big screen, Ricky Gervais gives audiences an insight into what David Brent is doing 10 … Read More

Review: ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’ (2016)

Kickboxer: Vengeance (2016); Director: John Stockwell; Distributor: RLJ Entertainment; Country: USA. 27 years after the original, Jean-Claude Van … Read More