With the full and final trailer for ‘The Last Jedi’ having just arrived, it’s paved the way for a fresh wave of predictions. From the trailer, it seems that the film will take a completely different path than most people had expected. So what can we expect from the film?

First, let’s look at Rey and Luke. It seems like at first Luke will be willing to train Rey, and we see scenes of her training. However, it appears that this training won’t last very long. In the trailer, Rey’s strength in the force whilst training actually cracks the rock she is standing on. The shock on Luke’s face is clearly evident on the screen. It’s at this point that Luke explains that he’s seen this power only once before, and the flashback shows that this resulted in the destruction of his Jedi Academy. Now of course it’s clear that Luke is speaking of Kylo, and he even admits his fear of this power. Luke is facing the same problem that Yoda faced. After one failure led to the destruction of the academy, he is finding any excuse not to train another Jedi. I believe that it’s at this point that Luke refuses to train Rey anymore, and this will leave her both confused and disheartened. Rey will feel lost, and may even abandon Luke completely.

To move briefly away from Rey, let’s take a look at what will happen to Kylo during this film. During the trailer, he is seen flying his personal starship during a battle against the Resistance. He hesitates pulling the trigger and killing his mother Leia. Now I don’t think he will actually go through with it, in fact I think he will choose to spare her life, and this will begin to turn him away from the First Order. During the course of the film, I expect he will be pushed further away and more towards the light. However, he certainly won’t be pushed to the Jedi. At the same time, he won’t remain with Snoke and the First Order.

At some point during the film, Rey will end up with Snoke. I think he will try and convert her to the dark side just like he did with Kylo, but that she will refuse. This is why we see the scene with Rey and Snoke in the trailer. When she refuses to join him, Snoke tortures Rey, maybe even draining the power from her. It’s here where Kylo comes into play. He may witness this scene, but would not be able to go through with it. Instead, he will help Rey escape, and together they will agree to fight the First Order. However, they will not become Jedi, but will instead become Grey Jedi, which Rey will learn about whilst she is with Luke earlier on in the film. I don’t believe Rey will join the dark side, but that is currently a popular theory.

So, if Rey and Kylo join forces, what is in store for the other characters? Well, it seems from the trailer that Poe will remain with the main Resistance, fighting alongside Leia in the space battle between the Resistance and the First Order. We also know that Chewbacca remains with Rey at first, but he is seen alone with a porg fighting in the Millennium Falcon. It’s possible that this takes place whilst Rey is still training with Luke. I doubt Chewbacca would be happy staying on the island for the entire time.

We see that Finn once again gets caught up within the ranks of the First Order. It looks like he has been captured, rather than having infiltrated the Order. Although it’s unclear what else happens to him, it’s exciting to see that he will be facing off Captain Phasma in a one on one. Talking of which, Captain Phasma looks like she will be getting much more screen time with an actual involvement in the action, specifically when it comes to Finn.

To give an overall picture, the film looks like it will be played from three fronts. First, the battle between the light and the dark side, next the battle between the Resistance and the First Order, and finally the individual conflicts between soldiers. The film will move away from the Jedi and the Sith, and towards the bigger picture, blurring the lines between good and evil.

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