When we see a movie star, we don’t ask ourselves if he had always been an actor or not. In fact, some of the most famous actors started their career lives as musicians but were later more successful as actors. Here are just five of the musicians who made it big in movies:

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves was a musician for more than ten years – from 1991 to 2002 – playing for the alternative-rock band Dogstar as a bass guitarist. Not only that, but he is very proud of those years as a musician and is happy when he is recognized for his music. “Neo” as he is known to most fans from his role in – The Matrix, started in his terms a bad start in acting and after several attempts went on to be a musician. Settling in that niche for a decade, and it was only the script of the Matrix that got him back on the track as an actor. From then on, Keanu Reeves has been seen on screen mostly in action movies.

Hugh Laurie

While Hugh Laurie is mostly known for his role in the hit show – House – with the limp and his great role as a doctor. He has managed to hold us enthralled while we watch him limp on screen and crack the most difficult medical cases. Still, he has not made a secret of his career as a musician, and in fact, he has managed to have both careers side by side. He has released two albums to his name in 2011 – Let Them Talk, and in 2013 – Didn’t It Rain.

Bruce Willis

Bruce is not only a famous actor, but he is a loved one as well. The number of roles we have seen him in is numerous – detective, action, thriller, comedy, to name just a few. But he has not always been just an actor, in fact, he has three albums to his name with the latest being in 2001 when he dropped out of Ocean’s Eleven to record – Classic Bruce Willis. Not only that but he co-wrote some of his songs.

Robert Downey Jr.

Known as a gifted and wonderful actor despite the ups and downs that he has been through in his life, Robert Downey Jr. went through a period of hesitation about putting out an album. But after years of songwriting and being unable to stop writing songs, the idea was quite acceptable. He then got a record deal, and he is proud to say that each of his songs depicts an experience he had been through. In fact, he finds songwriting and singing to be more interesting than acting. Here you can find a list of upcoming music concerts and have tickets without service fees for the events.

Ryan Gosling

We have all seen the acting skills of Ryan Gosling over the years, and lately, we have seen him show us his vocal skills in – La La Land. That was not his first experience as a singer, and in 2009 he released an album – Dead Man’s Bones – as part of a band that consisted of Ryan, and his friend Zach Shields as they put their heads together for a spooky musical production!!!

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