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Review: Kong: Skull Island

YouTube: KONG: ekull Island Trailer 2 (2017) With a somewhat mediocre and underwhelming start to Legendary’s ‘MonsterVerse’ franchise in … Read More
  • By Huw Downs
  • 7 min read time
  • 21 reads

Review: Lion

YouTube: Lion Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Dev Patel Movie On my quest to see as many of this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees, I must admit that … Read More
  • By Huw Downs
  • 5 min read time
  • 18 reads

Review: Manchester By The Sea

YouTube: Manchester by the Sea Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Casey Affleck Movie Fresh from winning its Best Original Screenplay and Best Lead Actor … Read More
  • By Huw Downs
  • 4 min read time
  • 12 reads

Review: La La Land

YouTube: La La Land (2016 Movie) Official Trailer – 'Dreamers' I’ll let you in on a secret: La La Land is really, really good. I saw it on … Read More
  • By Huw Downs
  • 5 min read time
  • 28 reads

Review: ‘Arrival’ (2016)

Amy Adams - the best actress in contemporary American cinema - delivers an out-of-this-world performance in 2016's best science-fiction movie. If a … Read More

Review: ‘Westworld’ (1973)

Westworld; Director: Michael Crichton; UK Distributor: CIC. Country: USA. Due to the popularity of the contemporary Westworld TV series, I … Read More